Aims and Scope

The target group of the journal is postgraduate students, doctoral students, professors and faculty members.

The aim and scope of the journal to welcome outstanding original contributions Islamic philosophy and to widen study concerning to them. it hope to create scholarly relationship. 

The long-term goals of the journal

A: Improving the level of knowledge of experts, experts, and enthusiasts.

B: Introducing new research achievements and creating an exchange of ideas.

A: Creating the ground for more cooperation between researchers inside and outside the country.

D: Designing new scientific issues and expanding the boundaries of knowledge.

E: Creating the spirit and motivation for research in society.

And: Publication and transfer of scientific findings of educational and research centers, especially the findings of professors, master's and doctoral students.

G: Helping to find problems and solve scientific problems, in connection with the bottlenecks of scientific, cultural and social progress of the country.

Topics of the publication

1. Teachings of Islamic philosophy

2. Comparative philosophy

3. Islamic philosophy and mysticism

4. Philosophy and interpretation of the Qur'an

5. Islamic philosophy and ethics